Fancy a drink?

If you check out our On Tap page you will see that we have a pretty diverse selection of beer on tap!

We’re proud to feature 2 local beers from SingleSpeed Brewing in Waterloo, Iowa. Their Tricycle Cream Ale has been one of our most popular drafts since we tapped the first keg last summer!

We recently tapped a keg of Moo Joos Red Velvet from Brau Brewing out of Marshall, MN. This oatmeal stout is truly dessert in a glass! It is creamy, dark, and tastes just like a red velvet cupcake! Whether you pair it with one of our hand-cut steaks or a slice of coconut cream pie your taste buds will thank you!

You can learn more about our featured beers by clicking on each of the beers listed on our On Tap page!

Come in and find your favorite!

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