Something for Everyone at the EBD!

If you’ve ever dined at the EBD you know we have a rather large menu! On top of providing a wide array of food so that each of our diners can find a fave, we are proud to offer some truly unique vegetarian options and an extensive gluten-free menu! We don’t think that dietary restrictions or someone’s chosen way of eating should mean limited options while dining out!

If you’re skipping the meat, we have a grilled cheese, cheese frenchy, veggie sub, three cheese pasta, veggie marsala, vegetarian pizza options, and a brand new – homemade black bean burger. And if you’re thinking well, wait – I’m vegan – don’t worry! The veggie sub and veggie marsala are both vegan if you ask your server to leave off the cheese and the black bean burger is already vegan!

Our gluten-free menu offers more than most places – at the EBD you aren’t limited to a burger sans bun. (though our burgers are fantastic and that is a great way to enjoy one!)

If you cannot eat gluten or even if you just stay away from carbs – we’ve got you covered! We have an excellent chef salad, grilled chicken salad, a large selection of sandwiches (without the bun), shrimp, scallops, salmon, baked cod in butter sauce, bbq ribs, pork chops, and all of our hand-cut steaks can are gluten free! AND perhaps most important of all, 3 of our 4 homemade dressings are gluten-free – so don’t worry – you can still enjoy that ranch, creamy garlic, or 1000 island dressing!

You can check out our entire gluten-free menu right here!

If you’re a gluten-free diner that has eaten with us, leave a comment and let us know what your favorite gf menu item is! I personally love a good ebd cheeseburger sans bun with lettuce, pickles, and our homemade 1000 island dressing or a pizza in a boat!


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