Your opinion matters at the EBD.

Social media impacts nearly every facet of life these days – even life in the restaurant world! Smart phones and travel apps have made it easier than ever for diners to find a place to eat and to see what all the buzz is about! Instant access to driving directions, menus, and reviews means that diners can now make an informed decision about where to eat before they ever drive in to Waverly. TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, and Facebook are leading the way in helping to shape the choices people make when choosing where to spend their money.

The EBD has received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence every year since 2015 and we are holding strong as the #1 rated restaurant in Waverly on TripAdvisor as well. That #1 ranking comes as a direct result of customer reviews through the TripAdvisor app or website. Reviews are a great tool for those of us in the restaurant world. Who doesn’t like to see that people think what they are doing is awesome? Servers take pride in seeing their names mentioned as the purveyor of outstanding service and the kitchen staff loves to hear that something they sent out of the kitchen was worthy of a review. An excellent review gives the management team something exciting to share with the staff and the impact a good review has elicits a tangible response from all staff – even those who may not have been working that shift.

Good reviews are obviously our favorite, but negative reviews are a reality of the industry – but an important learning tool in the restaurant world. Negative reviews give us insight into where we possibly aren’t meeting customer needs, aren’t maintaining consistency in food preparation, and aren’t providing the 5 star service we train our servers to provide. Every “bad” review gives us a chance to learn and to address issues with our staff before a one-time fluke becomes commonplace.

EBD’s owner, Matt Lamos, personally responds to each review that comes in across any of the review platforms our customers are utilizing. From the top down, we genuinely care about your experience while your are dining at the East Bremer Diner. We value your thoughts and opinions and we want to hear what you love, and we need to hear what you think was not up to the EBD standard.

If you’ve dined with us recently, we want to hear about it! If you follow us on Facebook and like all of those feature posts – we’d love it if you hopped over to TripAdivsor or Google and left us a review. Words matter in this world of instant access and gratification and a review can be the deciding factor in someone’s dining decision! Maybe your rave review of your favorite sandwich, or kind words about a rockstar server will be the words that get someone to drive into downtown Waverly and check us out!


**If you’re ever dining with us and your experience is not satisfactory or there are issues with your food, please do not hesitate to ask to speak to the manager on duty! If we can resolve an issue on-site we would love the opportunity to do so!

2 thoughts on “Your opinion matters at the EBD.

  1. My family has NEVER had a bad meal or poor service at this lovely hometown restaurant. Great food. Great service. And, now, great pies by Terri!

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