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Simon Sinek is a best selling author, storyteller, and the person with the most viewed TED Talk. In short, he coined the term “Start with Why,” which was the title of his first book about great leaders inspiring others to take action.

Almost anyone in the business world has read a Simon Sinek book or watched his YouTube video. So why am I talking about him in the EBD blog? There is something really special about him… he encourages people through his ideas, even if they aren’t buying his books or paying him to speak.

After speaking with our marketing manager about what to include in our blog, I thought about the way Simon Sinek views his ideas. By no means do I think we have everything right, but the EBD culture has a LOT going for it. We have plenty of room for improvement, but what a foundation! Over the next couple months I’m going to highlight specific instances where we’ve managed to surpass industry averages and decrease turnover.

Disclaimer time! Anyone in the working world who hears “company culture” inevitably rolls their eyes and starts zoning out. Here’s a couple things that come to my mind when I hear the phrase “company culture”:

  1. Motivational Speakers (u rah rah rah – “this company is great”) – Speakers are PAID BY THE COMPANY.
  2. Or that famous quote “we’re like a family here, everyone gets along and works really well together” — That person is definitely drinking the Kool-aid
  3. Spending a bunch of money on trendy furniture and “napping pods”. Thanks for that idea Google… That’s all we need, napping.


What I’m saying is, “company culture” was cool about 20 years ago, now it’s becoming an ambiguous term used by EVERY company. It a lot harder then the “u rah rah rah” companies make it seem.

Some businesses go to great lengths to promote their great cultures. Larger companies have budgets to provide employees with cool work spaces and nap-pods, hire famous speakers, etc. The EBD might not be in a position to give our staff those things (unless Waverly is in the mood for a really expensive hamburger), so we make strides in other areas.

For example, when someone asks why we aren’t hiring, or why our average person has been here 3+ years, it’s because our atmosphere at the EBD is based on learning and improving. This means we learn from the good and bad to improve our personal lives, our business, and our community.

You’re thinking, “Way to write a mission statement for the public. What actually goes on behind the scenes?”

Honestly, lots of hard work. Rough conversations. Arguments. High Fives. Sweat. Headaches. Successes. Mistakes. Wins. And more.

In our restaurant, goal setting start with the goals Adrienne and I have for our business. We’re so focused on making our goals a reality, we put one on the back of our menu. Here they are:

  1. Open another location every 4-5 years
  2. Give $10,000 back to our community every year (could be gift certificates, donations, money, etc).      


Decisions that are made for the restaurant have to help us accomplish those two goals. It makes sense, because success and giving back should go hand in hand. Next month, I’m going to bring you up to date about our Goal Wall in the hallway and what our staff “gets paid to do”. Hopefully, you enjoy our story and learn how to incorporate some of the positives of our culture into your business.

-Matt Lamos – Owner

This is the first post in a series of posts that will be featured on every month! Check back in August to read the next installment from EBD Owner – Matt Lamos. If you haven’t been to the EBD lately, come in and check out what the staff has put on that goal wall! 

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