Did someone say SIX DOLLAR BURGERS?

The end is in sight for summer 3 of road construction in front of the EBD!

And we could think of no better way to say farewell to this construction than by coming up with 3 brand new construction themed burgers!

September 4th through the end of the month we will be offering these 3 burgers with salad or fries for $6!

The 3 Laner:

Grilled pork burger topped with ham, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

The 4 Laner

1/2lb beef burger topped with American cheese, bacon, and fried mac-n-cheese.

The We Just Want a Road Burger

1/2lb beef & jalapeno burger (the jalapenos are ground right in to the burger!) topped with bacon and pepperjack cheese.

These burgers are all ah-mazing and for the price you’d be crazy not to come in and try each one. More than once. They’re that good!


The We Just Want a Road Burger, 3 Laner, 4 Laner are all served with your choice of salad or fries and are $6 +tax.

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