From the EBD Goal Wall to Bremer Avenue.

If you follow our blog posts or enter the EBD from the north side of the building you are familiar with the EBD Goal Wall.

One of the first things Matt had us do when he bought the restaurant was think of a goal to write on the wall. Terri Meister wrote a goal of preparing 10 homemade desserts to sell at the diner. It didn’t take long for Matt to realize he needed to have her bump that number up a bit.

Three years later Terri’s Pies are one of the top selling items at the EBD. Once she’d crushed that goal she and Matt started really talking about how to get her next goal accomplished. Waverly needed a bakery downtown and Terri wanted her own bakery. The timing was right and after a lot of planning the idea for the Mixing Bowl started to take shape.

The Mixing Bowl is nestled right next to the Cobblestone Inn on Bremer Avenue in downtown Waverly and opened it’s doors on January 15th!

The Mixing Bowl is ready to meet your baking needs and is already baking french bread, dinner rolls, and of course Terri’s Pie for the EBD.

From the goal wall to Waverly’s brand new Mixing Bowl Bakery, Terri is getting to live out her dream. Make sure you stop in and wish the whole crew well!

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