Running With People Who Are Faster

“If you run the 100-yard dash with people that can’t run as fast as you, yeah, you’ll win hands down. You know that. But if you run with people much faster than you, yeah, you might come in last every single time, but your time will be better.”

-Quentin Tarantino

At some point, you’ve probably thought,  “I’m not (good/fast/smart/rich) enough.”  You can always find someone who is just a little bit better than you. You won’t ever be “enough” of those things. Look at some people at the top of their game right now:

-Someone will be better than LeBron (and or Jordan, depending on where your heart is)

-Justin Timberlake will get old (someday…)

-Jeff Bezos is just one stock market crash away from being removed from his reign as richest person in the world

I know our restaurant will never be the “best”. That isn’t our goal. Our goal is to constantly become better. To do that, we look at all the restaurants that have higher service scores, lower turnover rates, and better margins.

Like QT stated in his quote above, run with people that are faster. People who make you set your bar higher. I have a group of people in my life that I look to. They’re all strong in one category or another:

Some are smarter

Some are more physically fit than I am

Some invest more intelligently

Some have found incredible ways to impact their communities

Those are the people I look to to help me hit my goals and chase my dreams.

I want to be smarted. (haha, get it)

I want to be in better shape.

I want to learn about investing so someday I’m not required to work.

I want to make HUGE impacts on our community.

If I wanted to dance and sing, I wouldn’t find someone doing karaoke at the local bar. I’d watch every Michael Jackson video I could get my hands on. I’d study justin Timberlake’s diet and workout routine. Obviously, that’s not my goal. I fulfill every stereotype about being the average mid-30s, dad from Iowa there is. BUT, if it was my goal, I’d spend time learning from those that are better.

There are three things you need to remember when thinking about this idea of “running with people who are faster”:

  1. You need to search them out – don’t wait for them to come to you.
  2. Tell them out loud what your goals are – and why it’s important to you
  3. Take your time – be patient – change isn’t immediate – results take time

The EBD embraces the idea of running with businesses “faster” than us. When asked who our competition is, I tell people, Amazon. I try to think of myself as the head of an Amazon restaurant division, unlimited funds, global reach, and think what would Amazon try to do in Waverly, Iowa.

For us to be successful, we need to get out of our own way and realize we are far from the best. This keeps us hungry. Pun completely intended.


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