Got a Goal?

If you’ve come in to the EBD through the north entrance you’ve probably noticed our EBD Goal Wall. This started out as a place for staff to write a goal they had for themselves – personal or professional – and as those goals were reached they would cross off the completed goal and write a new one on the wall. Seeing and working toward goals is a pillar of the culture Matt has created at the EBD.

Our wall now includes goals from community members and we encourage anyone who has a goal and needs some accountability to write it on our goal wall the next time they eat at the EBD!

During the last days of school I accompanied Mrs. Schaapveld’s Passion Based Learning (PBL) group on a field trip and while I was waiting to leave I noticed that the middle schoolers at WSR had their very own goal wall full of awesome goals! There’s also a goal wall by the staff lounge. Clearly, Matt’s belief in the power of setting goals and writing them (anonymously) in a public space is contagious! We were super excited to see what these kids had written down and would love to follow up and see who was able to crush their goal!

Got a goal? We’ve got room on our goal wall so come in and write it down!


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