The search is on!

The Iowa Beef Industry Council is taking nominations for the Best Burger in Iowa!

Farm-to-Table Classic Cheeseburger

We’re pretty proud of our locally raised and produced Farm-to-Table Burgers made with Wagyu Beef from Hansen’s Wagyu (Hansen’s Dairy) in Hudson, Iowa. Thirty miles is all that separates their beef from our tables and we’re the only restaurant serving these delicious burgers in the Cedar Valley.

Farm-to-Table Pub Burger

Whether it’s a classic cheeseburger, our Pub Burger (topped with homemade beer cheese sauce made with SingleSpeed’s Tricycle Ale), or the mammoth BMC we’re sure you’ll find a burger to love at the EBD!

Farm-to-Table BMC

If you have had the chance to try one of these ridiculously delicious burgers please take a moment to nominate us here!

We’ve never been nominated before so you won’t find “East Bremer Diner” on the list. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the restaurant list, select “other” and type in our name & location!

Farm-to-Table Double Cheeseburger

Thank you for your support! Cone see us soon!

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